Enjoying Life by the Sea


Whether living here or visiting for a short break, Lyme Regis seaside is an amazing resource to rejuvenate the soul and re-energise the body. Here are a few suggestions on making the most of your time by the sea:


Sunrise Swim

Cold immersion soothes muscle aches, relieves depression and boosts the immune system. All wild-dippers know the natural endorphin high that raises mood, elates the senses and creates an addictive urge to dive back in. However the world seemed before a swim, it looks fantastic afterwards. Combine those benefits with the peace and tranquility of a beach at sunrise to gain maximum joy from the experience. For the nervous, Lyme Regis’ sandy beach is sheltered and even has showers.

Sea swimming

Sunrise Swim


A trip out on a fishing boat with a friendly and knowledgeable guide is not to be missed and the excitement of catching your own dinner is contagious. Harry May’s boat trips are legendary in Lyme Regis. An hour’s trip is £10 for adults and £8 for children with all kit included (and hopefully you’ll return with dinner)

Cook dinner on the beach

How better a way to eat than cooking your own catch? Fires are allowed on Monmouth Beach so either take down a portable barbeque or go the whole hog and build a fire out of driftwood. A sliced lemon to drizzle over your mackerel and maybe even a chilled bottle of white and there lies the perfect lunch. If Mackerel isn’t your thing, sausages can of course be substituted.

Fire on the beach

Fire on the beach

Build a Boat

The acclaimed Boat Building Academy teaches the widest range of hands of boat building skills in the world. Courses range from 2 days to 38 weeks and include a fabulous range of woodworking skills. Whilst not for the faint hearted, imagine the satisfaction of sailing a boat that you’ve built yourself!


The sheltered nature of Lyme Bay may disappoint surfers but does provide ideal conditions for Paddleboarding. Boylos Watersports on Marine Parade offers group lessons for all levels and provides all equipment including wetsuits. Lessons are £25 and can be pre-booked by calling 01297 444222.

Paddleboarding Lyme Regis

Paddleboarding in Lyme Bay


Skim Stones

An essential skill for any child, skimming stones is one of life’s simple pleasures. The stones along Lyme’s beaches are brought in by the tides from Chesil Beach. The ideal stone is smooth and flat and can be found aplenty on the main town beach. See who can gain the most bounces – loser buys the chips!

Jump off the Harbour Wall

Tradition in Lyme Regis dictates that at the end of the school year, the kids jump off the Harbour Wall of the famous Cobb into the sea in their uniforms. You need not be so foolhardy but the fun is infectious. Just make sure it’s high tide and not too choppy – you’ll find yourself jumping into beautiful turquoise water where you can usually see right down to the bottom.

The Cobb Lyme Regis

Jump In!

Forage for Edible Sea Vegetables

The British seaside can be a wonderful source of free food – and nowadays a bit of foraging gains you maximum hipster status (whether that’s a good thing or not!).  Seat Beet, Rock Samphire and Carageen are all plentiful along the coast. If you’d like some guidance as to what to pick and how to cook it, join one of River Cottage’s Sea Foraging courses.


Hire a Kayak

Kayaking is a fantastic way to explore the coast around Lyme Regis. Picking up the required skills is very simple and as well as great exercise and a differing viewpoint of the coast, you may even catch your supper from your kayak. The Tackle Shop on Marine Parade hires kayaks by the hour or for a half or full day including buoyancy aids and wetsuits if required.


Walk along the promenade

In Italy the ‘passegiata’ is a national pastime – so here’s your chance to come over all European. The new sea defences have created a beautiful walkway along the seafront – with a couple of great Ice Cream stops en route – Frank and Beans at the bottom of Broad Street and Baboo Gelato near The Cobb. Admire the sea views, breathe in that bracing fresh air and admire the stunning scenery – so good for the soul!

Lyme Regis seaside

Lyme Regis Promenade