Things to do in Lyme Regis

With the New Year come thoughts of self-improvement and enjoyment – fulfilment through experiences rather than goods. We’re lucky to have the ingredients for not only learning but socialising and relaxation at our fingertips. So whether you want to organise your life or develop a new hobby, we’ve put together a few suggestions. There is a vast variety of things to do in Lyme Regis that might inspire you to try something new in 2017.

Cook with the Seasons

‘A year of preserving’ at Trill Farm, a community project just outside Lyme Regis, plans to help us make the most of seasonal produce. They will be running quarterly sessions on how to capture the best of the season for the coming months. Think kefir and cheese, pickles and smoking. The courses are for a full day including lunch

things to do in lyme regis

Preserving at Trill Farm

Get Organised

Local creative writing initiative INVIGORITE will be teaching the art of Bullet Journaling at Dorset House. Thoughts, plans, diary and dreams are brought together in a clever system that allows you to keep track of them all in one place. A half day workshop including cream tea and Leuchtturm journal is £35. Please call 01297 442055 for more details and to book.

Maximise your Potential

Shine for Women will challenge and coach you over the course of two days to build a bigger vision to develop renewed energy for your personal and professional life. Often described as ‘life changing’, this course is a serious investment in your future. Held in a beautiful manor house overlooking the coast.

Sort out that Backhand

A highly qualified tennis coach, Jason Martin is available to create a bespoke tennis break for you. Whether that be just a lesson or two during your stay or an intensive training course we can combine private lessons on local courts with a relaxing break. Please contact Jason on 07931743168 to talk through your requirements.

things to do in Lyme regis

Learn to play tennis

Tap into your creative talent

Local contemporary art gallery, Artwave West, runs a variety of courses throughout the year with the aim of unlocking your creative talents. From painting and drawing to stained glass work and jewellery making, the aim is to get creative. Highly experienced tutors encourage and steer you as well as ensuring that an enjoyable time is had by all. For a full list of available courses please see

Teach a man to fish…

Designed by River Cottage in conjunction with expert fishing guide Sean McSeveney, the Shoreline Fishing course is a dream day for all novice anglers. In a tranquil beach setting, Sean will teach you the tips and techniques you need to become a successful fisherman or fisherwoman. You will start with a detailed lesson in rigs, baits, rods, reels and more. Then you’ll put it all into practice and, hopefully, reel in your lunch to cook on the beach. Back at the River Cottage kitchen, you’ll be shown various techniques for preparing and cooking your fish and then sit down to eat the fruits of your labours. For information on this and other one day courses at River Cottage –

Create a unique home

Local artist Hugh Dunsford-Wood runs many creative courses at his beautiful Regency house overlooking the Cobb in Lyme Regis. For his wallpaper printing course you will work through your design, learn the principles of pattern repeats and then create your own lino block to print your own length of bespoke wallpaper. A weekend course with an introduction on Friday evening and then two full days of small group tutoring. The next course will be held on 17-19th March. For further details, email Hugh –

things to do in lyme regis

Creating a lino block

Build a Boat

The Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis is a unique school teaching traditional skills. Set up building frames and construct the backbone for modern and traditional wooden boats. Produce the stem, keel, hog and transom for a small dinghy and fit the components together to form the backbone.  The course also covers the theory of setting up for cold moulded, strip planked and carvel builds. The next course runs 16-20th Jan. For info –

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas of the vast variety of things to do in Lyme Regis. Another post of ideas revolving around the sea will be coming soon…